The Best Treadmill Brands!

Looking on the internet for honest reviews on the best treadmill brands is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Luckily, as a personal trainer with years of experience I have made all of the mistakes for you and I can help guide you to the best treadmill brand for your specific needs, whether it is hardcore running or simply a brisk walk.

There is so much disinformation out there clouding all of the search results and confusing people as to which treadmill brand is best. A lot of this is because the big companies have huge marketing budgets to lead new treadmill buyers to their products without caring about their individual needs!

The same treadmill is not right for everyone, you have to match your needs to the product and the brand. As a personal trainer I have always and will always be more concerned with the well being of the people I help achieve their goals.

I don’t work for major treadmill brand I work for my clients and so I am happy to share what I have learned in over a decade of testing different treadmills with different users to find out what the best treadmill brands are for each client.

The results are surprising.

The Best Treadmill Brands

The best treadmill brand is dependent upon the specific needs of the individual! Don’t forget that!

As we discover the best treadmill brands, we will look at them in an organized manner based on function and price. There will be two sections, one for the best treadmill brands for running and the other concerning the best treadmill brands for walking. Within these two sections we will break down brands by price starting with the most affordable and working up to more deluxe models but ALL of these brands and models have my personal guarantee as I have used them all extensively.

The best treadmill brand is not determined by the price, it is determined by what the wants, needs and goals of the individual is!

The Best Treadmill Brands for Running

When it comes to running, there are a few major brands that come to mind that stand out above the rest. Running requires a more durable treadmill with more functionality and it also is determined by how serious of a runner the individual using the treadmill is. NordicTrack,Proform,Sole Treadmills,Merit Fitness and Lifespan immediately come to mind.

If a brand has lasted through all the increases in technology and continuously impresses customers with its durability, reliability and functionality then it passes our smell test for this comparison of the best treadmill brands for running. The great thing is all of these top treadmill brands sell their products on amazon cheaper than in stores and with free delivery. You can’t beat that!


Merit Fitness is not only one of the best treadmill brands, they are priced extremely cheap for their level of quality. If you are on a tight budget it really is hard to beat Merit Fitness products because they dominate the competition in their price range. They are durable enough for heavy running and they have a nice, space saving design which makes them a solid brand for the budget shopper.

I have personally owned 2 Merit Fitness models and I can vouch for their durability and comfort as well as their ability to help produce astonishing results! If you are new to running or are on a tight budget, I would absolutely recommend Merit Fitness, any model, because they simply offer a ridiculous bang for the buck and are a top notch treadmill brand that has been around for quite some time.

Merit has a variety of models to choose from at different price points and the vast majority of them are available at Amazon with free shipping, take a look!

Proform Treadmills are another widely sold brand that produces nothing but quality. Proform is unquestioningly one of the best treadmill brands available and they have a wide variety of models at different price ranges. I love running on Proform treadmills because they have a cushion shock system on most models that makes it very easy on the joints, as well as a very ergonomic design.

The best part is they won’t break your bank! Proform is probably the best treadmill brand in terms of average quality across all models. They have a very user friendly computer system that allows you to listen to music through built in speakers or upload automatic workouts using SD cards which is a huge plus!

The Proform 505 CST was the last treadmill I owned before I upgraded and it worked flawlessly for nearly three years! Trust me I put a treadmill through some punishment too! I can completely vouch for Proform as one of the top treadmill brands bar none.

Horizon Fitness is another one of the best treadmill brands available and deserves a well earned spot on this list. Horizon fitness not only produces quality machines, they are innovative in the industry and offer very revolutionary designs and improvements on existing technology in all of their models.

Horizon Fitness is a heavy hitter in the world of treadmill brands, boasting some of the most affordable, feature-packed designs on the market. At my gym we purchased 5 Horizon Fitness machines because of their unique compact and space saving designs and we have had nothing but positive feedback from our clients.

I have not ran on a Horizion Fitness treadmill that has ever disappointed me, which earns this great company a spot on the list of the best treadmill brands!

Lifespan produces some of the highest quality, compact and quiet treadmills on the market. They are a more expensive brand comparatively, but if the price is not a concern you will realize what running on a treadmill should feel like.

Lifespan consistently impresses me by having incredible user interfaces, compact designs and rugged durability and functionality. If you are a professional runner, Lifespan treadmills satisfy your entire wishlist other than being out on the open road.

I currently own a Lifespan TR1200i that I bought through Amazon and it is an absolute joy to run on without being cumbersome in my small living space.

I can’t really say enough good things about Lifespan, I am in love!



 The Best Treadmill Brands for Walking

When it comes to selecting the best treadmill for walking, you can get away with spending a lot less money but you will also be benefited by many of the features on the more expensive models. As a personal trainer I try to guide my clients to picking just enough treadmill for their needs and no more. If you merely plan to walk on the treadmill than there is no reason to buy a 1000 dollar treadmill (unless of course you can easily afford it =P)!

Most people do not want a manual treadmill because it makes them feel like they are on a hamster wheel and I can totally see the merit in this. However for your specific needs if you walk infrequently or only during inclement weather you may be alright going with a manual model. The good news is, when it comes to treadmills for walking you can really save a lot of money because you are cutting out a lot of the fat you don’t need!

Confidence is an awesome brand for the entry level or less demanding treadmill user. Confidence treadmills are extremely affordable and if used for walking exclusively they are indestructible!

Confidence gives you everything you need in a walking treadmill and none of the stuff you don’t need, combined with being compact and space saving. I recomend confidence treadmills to my older clients and relatives because they won’t break the bank and they are super functional.

They also aren’t cheap junk either so I do not feel bad recommending them to the people I know and love! All in all my favorite thing about Confidence is the price, but I am not a walker — I am a runner so I am biased!


Merit Fitness comes in again as one of the best brands for walking treadmills with its super affordable 715t model. This base level Merit Fitness model is perfect for walking or even light jogging and is priced way lower on Amazon then it should be, especially considering comparably priced treadmills!

Merit delivers exceptional quality for a low a price and for both running and walking I completely vouch for Merit Fitness!

I think Merit is an excellent entry level machine for someone who might plan on running or jogging in the future but wants to start out slow, for that particular case I would absolutely have to suggest Merit as one of the best treadmill brands.

Last but certainly not least is Exerpeutic Fitness with there incredible walking model. Why Exerpeutic comes in as one of the best treadmill brands is the insight to create a much smaller belt area for those who simply want to walk. This treadmill is tiny and yet completely comfortable for the stride length of brisk walking.

Why do you need a super long treadmill if you aren’t taking large running strides? I had the opportunity to test this treadmill out with one of my elderly clients and I was completely sold. Just remember this is not the treadmill you want if you plan on running in future! This is strictly a brisk walking model!

The Best Treadmill Brands: Conclusion

It really is quite difficult to select a single brand as being best because there are so many variables. On a budget I would have to recommend Merit Fitness for its exceptional quality, low price point and durability. If you are willing to spend a little more then be sure to check out Sole and LifeSpan. I always recommend you purchase only enough treadmill to satisfy your requirements and not more. As long as you select one of the aforementioned brands you will be sure to find a treadmill that will certainly hold up and last, no matter how much you spend.

When it comes to more bells and whistles the sky is the limit with treadmills my friends! I feel confident in my recommendations for the best treadmill brands and if you are having a difficult time choosing between several models just shoot me an e-mail and I will help you pick the right one!

I am here to help!

Live. Love. Run

– Reese



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